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rules ONE: Talk shit about celebs, not the members.

TWO: This is ONTD_Timewarp, so obviously there might be some sexist or racist comments. Just make sure you keep it in a joking manner and don't go all srs bsns on us.

THREE: Check the past posts of the week to make sure that the "time period" or "event" that you're talking about hasn't been talked about recently. Nothing's more anything than seeing someone talk about something that's so three days ago.

FOUR: Use a motherfucking cut if you're posting a big picture, a block of text or a lot of images. Oh, and that includes NSFW shit too.

FIVE: Be mature.

SIX: Posts can be about time periods (ie: 1960's), years (ie: 1991) or events (ie: Kurt Cobain dying).
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